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What do I do if I knock out a tooth or it’s loose?

The best practice for dealing with a lease tooth is to leave it in place, do not remove it. However, if a tooth is knocked out, it is best to have the tooth be held in it’s socket until a dentist can re-implant it. It is important to not let it dry out and handle the tooth as little as possible.

Do not try to scrub the tooth, disinfect it, or remove any tissue that may be attached to it. If the tooth is completely removed from someone’s mouth and is found in the ground or any other soiled area, best practice is to place the tooth in milk to preserve it. If milk is not available at the time, utilizing lukewarm water or saliva will help to preserve the tooth as well.

The longer the tooth is out of the socket the worse it is. To have the best opportunity for long-term success of re-implantation, seek a dentist’s help within 30 minutes. Re-implantation may still work after several hours, however the likelihood of it’s long-term success is not as high as it would be if it was treated in a timely manner.