4 Facts About Composite Fillings

Getting older means that your teeth are getting older, too. At some point, your dentist likely will talk to you about cosmetic dentistry options such as dentures, bridges, or crowns. However, if you don’t need extensive procedures to protect your molars, your dentist may discuss composite fillings. White composite fillings don’t contain any metal and are not likely to corrode over time. If you’re looking into your options for fillings, the friendly staff at Dobson Ranch Dental Care would like to share several facts that you may want to consider about composite fillings.

1. They Can Be Placed in a Single Appointment

White composite fillings are direct dental restorations, which means there’s no need for a dental laboratory, and the entire procedure takes place inside your mouth. This offers a level of luxury and service by allowing patients to schedule one appointment and have everything done during that visit. During your appointment, you can expect your dentist to clean out the decayed tissue, clean the remaining tooth, and then apply the composite resin in layers, solidifying each layer with a curing light. The final layer is then shaped and polished to give you a smooth surface that mimics the rest of your natural tooth.

2. They Can Be Used in Different Ways

We don’t just use composite resin and fillings to fix cavities. Many of our patients don’t realize that we can also use composite resin to fill in gaps between teeth; restore the worn enamel on older, worn-down teeth; fix cracked or chipped teeth; and build up others that have been ground down over time. The beauty of white composite resin is that it can easily be matched to your own tooth color and blended in to be unnoticeable.

3. They Are Metal-Free

Unlike the metal options, which contain copper, mercury, and silver, composite resin consists of a ceramic and plastic compound that mimics the appearance of natural teeth. Not only does this make resin ideal for dental patients with metal allergies, but it also is suitable for those wishing to avoid metal in their mouths. Additionally, metal fillings can eventually discolor the tissues around them, resulting in darker colored teeth. If you’re looking for an option that won’t discolor your teeth, then composite fillings are the right choice.

4. They Are Long-Lasting

Composite fillings are not only durable, but they are also long-lasting. When taken care of properly and regularly checked by your dentist, composite resin fillings can last for more than a decade. To preserve your fillings, you must practice good oral hygiene and avoid foods or behaviors that put added stress on your teeth. If you grind your teeth at night, we highly recommend a mouth shield so that you don’t damage your composite fillings.

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