4 Risk Factors for Tooth Loss

As we age, we experience many different bodily changes, and some functions don’t work as they did in our younger days. It’s not uncommon for people over 40 years of age to begin to wonder more about their dental care and their risk of tooth loss. However, there is some good news: Some tooth loss can is preventable. With the right dental treatment from Dobson Ranch Dental Care, you can rest easy knowing that your oral health is in good hands. However, we’d still like to take the time to inform you of some of the most common causes of tooth decay and loss.

1. Gum Disease

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a common oral health concern for many patients. Poor oral health care can lead to bacterial growth that causes inflammation beneath the surface of your gum line. If not treated properly, these bacteria can cause tooth decay and loss, and thus impact your jawbone’s strength. With a weaker jawbone comes a more fragile support system for your teeth, which can lead to widespread tooth loss. In fact, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, accounting for more than 70% of missing teeth.

2. Cavities

Failing to brush your teeth regularly or skipping dental appointments can result in cavities. Bacteria that feed on the food and beverages you consume find their way into your mouth’s crevices, including those hard-to-reach places like the deep grooves in your molars. If left untreated, the bacteria eat through the enamel of your teeth, causing small holes and inviting even more bacteria and food particles into your tooth’s pulp. When this happens, your only option is a root canal or even a full removal of the tooth, depending on the damage.

3. Physical Trauma

No one expects trauma or physical contact with the face, but it can happen. This kind of trauma and subsequent tooth loss usually occurs during a car accident or physical contact sports. While not all injury to your teeth is avoidable or preventable, remember always to wear a mouthguard while playing sports and never use your mouth to open bottle caps, tops, or lids. Your teeth are tools for chewing, but using them to tear off tags, open nutshells, or chew on popcorn kernels can lead to a dental emergency and tooth removal.

4. Health Conditions

As you age, certain health conditions can make tooth loss inevitable. Certain medications can also kill your teeth and cause their decay. Of the most common health conditions, arthritis, diabetes, and hypertension are at the top of the list. Some people even experience tooth loss due to smoking, alcohol intake, and poor nutrition. Here is where proper dental care and working closely with your dentist can help prevent further decay. There are multiple solutions to help you navigate your health conditions and avoid tooth loss.

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