Sedation Dentistry

Do you suffer from severe anxiety when visiting the dentist? Would it be helpful to have some assistance with calming your nerves during your next dental procedure? Request an appointment today at Dobson Ranch Dental Care by calling (480) 838-8558. We are proud to be your sedation dentist, serving the entire Mesa, AZ, community.

Calm Your Nerves with Sedation Dentistry

Many people feel nervous about visiting the dentist, but for some, the anxiety goes beyond just a little uneasiness. Patients with a severe fear of needles, overly sensitive teeth, sensitive gag reflex, or other issues causing significant problems while in the dentist chair will find oral sedation extremely helpful.

Two Types of Oral Sedation

As your Mesa sedation dentist, we do our best to provide several options to help you feel comfortable and at ease when visiting our office.

Oral Sedation Dentistry in Mesa

Prescription Medication

  • Takes approximately one hour before your scheduled appointment.
  • Remain conscious yet calm and comfortable through the procedure.
  • Facilitates a relaxed yet responsive state of being.
  • Alleviates almost all mental and physical signs of nervousness.
  • Effects last an average of six hours, requiring assistance to and from the dental office.

Nitrous Oxide

  • Also known as laughing gas, this sedation offers a pain-free, anxiety-free experience.
  • Places you in a relaxed yet fully responsive state.
  • Unaware of any pain or stress during your visit.
  • Wears off fairly quickly, allowing the patient to leave the office on their own terms.
  • Able to resume normal activities almost immediately.

We Serve Patients of All Ages

Dobson Ranch is proud to be a community-centered sedation dentist that provides excellent care to our patients. We work hard to offer high-quality service with professionalism and respect for all. By offering a wide variety of tooth restorations, cosmetic dentistry solutions, and general dentistry services, we can provide several dental care solutions for patients, both young and young at heart.

New Patient? We’re Accepting!

As a patient of Dobson Ranch, you will experience a professional, friendly atmosphere, along with gentle, compassionate dental care. When you experience an unexpected tooth emergency, call our office immediately. We provide emergency services for all residents in Mesa, AZ and surrounding areas.

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Your Choice for Sedation Dentistry

When you need periodontal treatment, dental implants, or restorative dentistry, Dobson Ranch Dental Care is glad to be your sedation dentist of choice throughout Mesa, Dobson Ranch, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, and all surrounding areas. For anxiety-free dental care, request an appointment by calling our friendly office at (480) 838-8558.

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