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Cosmetic Bonding Mesa, AZ

Cosmetic Bonding Mesa, AZ

Cosmetic bonding is your solution to fix flawed teeth, including gaps in your smile, chipped teeth, and yellow spots and stains. Cosmetic bonding is known to be quick, easy, and painless, providing your with an affordable opportunity for you to improve your smile. Procedures can vary, and typically does not require any anesthetic. Bonding is not as expensive as veneers and costs less than crowns. Our cosmetic bonding service can help you achieve the smile that you have always wanted.


The Process

The way that cosmetic bonding works is that the bonding, a composite material, is bonded to the tooth, blocking any incoming bacteria. The bonding is a durable resign that has the ability to mold to your teeth. Once the bonding is placed on the tooth, a high intensity light is than exposed to the tooth, allowing the bonding to cure rapidly. After the resin is applied, Dobson Ranch Dental Care polished the bonded material to fit your tooth structure.

Matching the resign to the various shades of teeth is a natural and easy procedure. The process is slightly longer than traditional silver fillings, due to the multiple layers of the banding material. Typical office visits for cosmetic bonding take between one to two hours.


The Results

Bonding typically last between three to five years, but the results are felt immediately. A consultation with Dobson Ranch Dental Care can help you understand whether or not cosmetic bonding is the best option for you.

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