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Dental Bridges Mesa, AZ

Dental Bridges Mesa, AZ

A strong oral health is needed to support your teeth alignment and jaw health. What can happen during an episode of losing a tooth is that the remaining teeth can shift, affecting the ability to chew properly and in some cases the ability to speak properly. A dental bridge, or what is also known as a fixed partial denture, soles the issue of a lost tooth by replacing it with an artificial one. A bridge is typically a partial denture made up of three teeth. This bridge is bonded to the teeth, creating a bridge between the remaining teeth and those that have been lost.

Dental bridge work requires custom made dentures that fill in the gaps of missing teeth with false teeth. A bridge can also be only made up of one tooth. Dobson Ranch Dental Care’s experienced dentists can assist you in your needs of replacing, pulling, or fixing common oral health problems.

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