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Root Canal Therapy Mesa, AZ

Root Canal Therapy Mesa, AZ

Despite it’s notorious reputation in film and TV, root canals are nothing to be afraid of. Root canal therapy is a simple and relatively common procedure that is done to save teeth that have had their central nerves or pulp area injured or diseased. It is a great solution that saves patients from having to deal with a more invasive tooth extraction.

The focus of root canal therapy is on the area in the center of a tooth. This is where all of the tooth’s nerves are housed and where its living tissue and cells exist. With a root canal, these central aspects are removed entirely, in addition to any contaminants infecting the space. Such complete removal is necessary to prevent bacteria and debris from spreading and further infecting the tooth and its roots. Once the inner cavity has been fully cleaned out, it will be filled and sealed to safeguard the tooth from future infections.

Patients who have any pain after the procedure will find over-the-counter pain medications to be sufficient in alleviating their discomfort. Most will find their pain subsides within just two days following the treatment. Once the area has completely healed, your dentist will take an impression and install a crown over the tooth to prevent future braking. This is a key step as without the inner nerves, teeth have a tendency to become brittle and break without additional protection.

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