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Mesa Teeth Whitening

Mesa Teeth Whitening

What causes tooth discoloration and staining?

The most common causes of teeth discoloration are the regular use of cigarettes or staining foods and drinks, such as coffee. Aging and regular wear and tear can also cause tooth to loose their bright whiteness overtime.

One of the easiest ways to remedy such stains and improve your smile is to undergo professional teeth whitening services by your local dentist. The term ‘teeth whitening’ itself refers to a variety of techniques and procedures that are designed to enhance and improve the brightness of a patient’s smile.

What is included in a professional teeth whitening procedure?

Acid, chemicals, and other abrasive teeth brightening techniques have a history with teeth whitening techniques. However, at Dobson Ranch Dental Care, we believe in less abrasive techniques and use what is known as the Boost Teeth Whitening system. With just one Boost Teeth Whitening session from our skilled dental team, you’ll see years of exposure to staining agents disappear — leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile in just under two hours.

Is it safe to get my teeth whitened?

Our professional teeth whitening procedure is absolutely safe. It is also comfortable to undergo and provides real results. Following a Boost tooth Whitening session, most patients see their teeth turn six to eight shades lighter!

It is important to note that proper care an oral hygiene should be implemented afterwards for the best, long-lasting results. The minimum age for this procedure is 16 and it is not recommended for pregnant women. Remember, everyone’s teeth look and whiten differently so consulting with your dentist is the best way to determine whether the Boost Whitening System is a good fit for you.

What are the benefits of undergoing professional teeth whitening services?

First, you can expect significantly better and longer lasting results with professional teeth whitening services that you would otherwise see with at-home treatments. There are also minimal side effects, with the worst being a slight tooth sensitivity that will subside within a few days.

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