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Can I Bleach my Teeth Safely?

Can I Bleach my Teeth Safely? Is it safe to bleach your teeth? These are both great questions. Teeth whitening by bleaching is a safe, and effective, and it is always best to utilized a skilled oral healthcare provider to give you a whiter, brighter smile. Dobson Ranch Dental Care offers several options for whitening your teeth.

In-office bleaching

When you come in for your office visit, a bleaching solution will be applied to your teeth and become activated by both heat and lit. The in-office treatment is fast an easy, typically lasting an hour. Even after one treatment, you will see results. Typical treatments can give you a whiter smile for years to come and can be maintained by regular office visits to Dobson Ranch Dental Care.

At-home bleaching

After your in-office treatment, you will be provided with a whitening gel and a custom-made whitening tray. When you return home, apply the gel into the tray and where for three hours per day for two to three weeks.


Results will vary from patient to patient and it is best to work with our team to ensure the best results.

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