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Why should I replace silver-mercury fillings?

Prior to our modern advances in oral healthcare. Dentists utilized inexpensive silver and mercury to seal cavities and seal unwanted craters. The problem with this method is that silver fillings do not bond well to teeth, thus a chamber was required to be drilled into the tooth. This process was known as an “undercut,” which allowed the silver bonding to be kept within the tooth.

While initially this solved the issue of the cavity, the undercut typically causes the tooth to become weaker over time. It is these types of fillings that can weaken the tooth. Modern oral healthcare has deemed that composite or porcelain fillings are much stronger, safer and more natural looking.

Why should you replace silver-mercury fillings? Composite fillings are your best bet for creating a long-lasting and healthy smile. With no discoloring and no weakened teeth, composite fillings are a better material to replace your silver-mercury fillings.